New release 0.5.0!

We are glad to announce the next major update we have just published! New cards, mechanics and improvements are waiting for you in the new update of Rise of the Overlords!


New Emotes panel! You can use them to communicate with your opponent or react to shocking or funny moments in the game.For now, we’ve enabled “Hello”, “Good Luck”, “Cry”, “Wow”, “Hmmm…” and “Knuckles”, but in the future you’ll be able to customize your emote selection with new collectible emotes.

New cards, abilities and synergies

This update features 16 completely new cards, 24 cards with new abilities and 32 cards with balance changes, as well as new keywords, effects and synergies that allow for a greater variety of viable decks.

Dynamic battlefields

We have significantly reduced the size of the battlefields and now the battlefield itself plays cards like any other player! Each scenario has its own set of cards capable of modifying the playing field throughout the game and intervening in it with volcanic eruptions, blizzards, tiles that sink into lava, slippery ice, etc.
To give players the opportunity to react to these effects, we have introduced delayed areas: Some spells and scenario events do not execute instantly, but instead leave a marker of the affected area on the scenario, leaving each of the players a full turn before its effect is executed.
The “Dunes of Gur-Miltak” scenario has been temporarily disabled and will be reintroduced, along with its new mechanics, in the next minor update.

Updated mechanics

We’ve introduced a new core mechanic: Strike Back! When a warrior (melee unit) survives an attack from an adjacent unit, it will strike back.
On the other hand, stamina is now called mana, is blue, and works in a more familiar and intuitive way: actions such as moving, attacking, or relieving an ally no longer spend mana.
These two changes are intended to make games much more agile, add depth to micro-strategy, and remove the frustration of not being able to move or attack with your units when you have spent all your mana.

New tutorial

We have improved the tutorial to make it shorter and more dynamic, as well as including teachings on the new mechanics.

Equipment durability

– Equipment now has durability points (3 by default) that can be seen at the top of the equipped unit.
– Equipment loses one point of durability after each use (weapons erode when striking, armors erode when being struck, and artifacts erode when performing their ability) and are destroyed when it reaches 0.
Some cards can repair or increase the maximum durability of equipment.

Visual improvements

– We have introduced 26 new card illustrations, as well as multiple improvements to the user interface, models, textures, animations and visual effects, including a facelift to the tiles highlight.
– We’ve also changed the appearance and colors of the mana, power, and life gems on the cards for greater visual clarity.
Some cards have temporary artwork that will be replaced by their final version in the next minor update.

Quality of life improvements

– We have included an option in the graphics settings menu to adjust environmental effects (fog, snow, smoke and embers). We recommend to disable them completely to stream the game, since these effects saturate the stream’s bitrate, significantly worsening the image quality.
– We have improved the fluidity of the game, especially on computers with a lower frame rate per second.
– We have significantly improved the game’s performance.
– We’ve added a new buff page to the unit preview screen that shows added effects and stat boosts.
– We have improved the functioning and display of history.

Bug fixes

All bugs detected in the previous version have been fixed.

We hope you enjoy the latest changes!

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