Greetings Overlord,

Before you can get any victories you must learn to how handle the tools you will use in battle: the cards of your deck.

Firs of all you must know that there are four basic types of cards: the Overlord, units, spells and artifacts.

The Overlord represents yourself in the battlefield and determines your faction and what cards you can include in your deck. When the game starts your Overlord will automatically appear at the starting position in the battlefield. The General is always the first to arrive to battle to inspect the battlefield and to decide how to deploy the troops. Normally the Overlord will be a powerful card in the battleground, but beware, because if he dies you will lose the game!

The units are the troops you will invoke on your turn as the battle progresses. They represent the bulk of your army. All cards except the Overlord have an invocation cost. This cost is paid using your current level of mana, which increases during the game. Therefore, you will be able to invoke more powerful units or simply for units per turn.

Cards also show the strength and life of units at the bottom of the card. When two units fight, the life of each unit will decrease depending on the strength of the attacker. Be careful when you attack with your troops, because enemies will return back the attack and you could be the hardest hit. You must carefully decide when it's time to attack and when it's time to retire.

In addition, cards might show at the bottom a text describing their special skills. It's crucial to use these skills wisely to stay ahead of your opponent in battle. Do not underestimate a seemingly simple skill or ability, as it’s effect could be greatly enhanced by combining it with other skills from other cards. The art of choosing your troops and build your army is complex and defines your ability as a general.

Artifacts are the cards that represent objects, buildings, weapons or other equipment. These may be played directly on the battlefield, such as catapults, walls or magic totems, or may be equipped on other units, such as weapons or magic rings. Artifacts have no value attack, but they have an indicator of durability. When this value reaches zero by taking damage or by using the equipment, the artifact will be destroyed. Equipments will allow you to improve the characteristics of your units during the course of the battle. Use them well as a unit can only one equipment at a time, so you decide when and who you are going to equip.

It is also important to master the art of spells. Such cards are not played as pawns in the battlefield, but their effect is applied immediately and then they disappear. There are a variety of numerous magic spells such as fireballs, healing rays or freezing clouds. Spells will be useful sometimes to get you out of trouble or as a support to your main strategy.

These are the tools that you, as a general, will use on the battlefield. You have a lot of cards that you can use to form your army, so you must choose wisely what to recruit depending on your strategy.

I hope you've read these lessons carefully, as they will be very precious in the battlefield and determine the difference between victory or death.